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Capital alone is a commodity. A truly value-added partner needs to provide much more. Fog City Capital differentiates itself from other Private Equity firms in the depth of our team’s operating backgrounds and our willingness to roll up our sleeves with existing management to rapidly grow each business. The team brings their insights, networks and tactics to help take middle market companies to the next level of success.

Self-sustaining growth is the foundation for long-term value creation. Fog City looks to enhance top-line growth by focusing on four major dimensions:

  • Sales & Marketing. The Fog City team has decades of experience in positioning and selling multi-million dollar software and services contracts to Fortune 1000 clients using a combination of consultative solution selling, value-based pricing, and a strong network of personal contacts. They can bring clarity to identifying the most desirable customer segments while focusing on key client needs that are critical to winning and keeping accounts.
  • Global Expansion. The Fog City team has a track record of helping companies access global markets both from a sales and an operating perspective. With deep relationships, particularly in Asia and Europe, Fog City can help businesses with joint ventures, structuring partnerships or with identifying the right merger or acquisition candidates to build an international presence.
  • Product & Technology Development. The Fog City team has been very involved in technology innovation and development throughout its careers. In addition, they have strong relationships with the Venture Capital community in Silicon Valley. We can leverage these competencies to help companies build and develop technology and software that will improve customer acquisition, service and retention.
  • Add-on Acquisitions. Fog City looks beyond each individual investment to assess opportunities for consolidation within the industry. We often look for multiple acquisition opportunities within an industry segment to create economies of scale, expand management capabilities, broaden product or service lines, or to gain entry into new geographies.