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Fog City adheres closely to the following investment criteria:

  • Middle-Market Companies. Companies with revenues between $10 million and $50 million. We are willing to look at companies with low profitability or companies undergoing transition.
  • Established Industries. Companies in these industries have experienced management teams, market-accepted services or products and operating history.
  • Software, Marketing & Media, and Technology Enabled Business Service Firms. Target companies will have a minimum of 3 years operating history. These companies will provide services or technology to businesses that are embedded in clients’ operations.
  • High-Quality Revenue Base, Variable Cost Structure. Companies will have a solid revenue base with a high percentage of recurring revenues and high customer switching costs. Fog City will avoid businesses with significant recurring capital requirements.
  • Opportunity to Improve Operations. Fog City will look for companies where operations and financial performance can benefit from our team's domain expertise and active involvement.